SOP Project Overview

Saskatchewan Mining and Minerals has been producing sodium sulphate in Chaplin, Saskatchewan for nearly 77 years and distributing this product throughout Canada and the United States. Due to our focus on innovation, efficiency and environmental stewardship Saskatchewan Mining and Minerals is transforming our Chaplin facility into a sulphate of potash (SOP) production facility, utilizing our reserves of Glauber’s salt as a primary input. Construction of the new facility is set to begin in 2024 with production of sulphate of potash commencing in 2026.

Saskatchewan Mining and Minerals will be chemically producing sulphate of potash using cutting-edge technology, the first of its kind in Canada. Although the chemical process of Glaserite has been around for decades, the approach our design utilizes enhances the efficiency of the process, both in terms of a more complete utilization of inputs, and substantial energy savings in the process. We expect to achieve a 10% increase in input efficiency and up to a 25% reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emissions in comparison to current Glaserite processes.