Company Overview - Chaplin
Chaplin Plant – Aerial View

Saskatchewan Mining and Minerals Inc. is a proud, privately held Saskatchewan corporation supplying high-quality natural sodium sulphate to customers across North America.

Over the course of the company’s nearly 75 years, Saskatchewan Mining and Minerals has become known internationally as a reliable, long-term supplier of natural sodium sulphate to blue-chip customers. Operating in southwest Saskatchewan, Canada, the company is the North American market leader in production of high-quality natural sodium sulphate. Over 80 domestic and international customers use Saskatchewan Mining and Minerals’ sodium sulphate in detergents, pulp and paper, glass, starch, industrial enzymes, water treatment and livestock mineral feed.

Saskatchewan Mining and Minerals is dedicated to consistently producing the highest quality sodium sulphate. A minimum purity standard of 99% detergent quality is maintained.

The main office and Chaplin plant are centrally located, adjacent to the main line of the Canadian Pacific Railway and the Trans-Canada Highway, approximately 100 miles west of Regina, Saskatchewan.


Saskatchewan Mining and Minerals has embraced change and growth, which has resulted in a small Saskatchewan company becoming a world leader in the sodium sulphate industry.

In 2021, Saskatchewan Mining and Minerals celebrated our 74th year in the sodium sulphate business. We have grown from a small, salt cake plant in Chaplin to one of the world’s largest producers of detergent-grade sodium sulphate.

Our innovation, growth and desire to constantly look to the future is all thanks to the continued loyalty of our customers and employees.


While construction started on Saskatchewan Minerals’ plant at Chaplin, Saskatchewan in 1947, it was officially opened as a Crown corporation for the province of Saskatchewan in 1948 by Premier T. C. Douglas. The first carload of sodium sulphate (salt cake) was shipped that same year to Bathhurst Pulp & Paper in New Brunswick. As the demand for salt cake grew, so too did Saskatchewan Minerals.


In 1954, Saskatchewan Minerals acquired Bishopric, an existing sodium sulphate operation located near Mossbank, Saskatchewan.


With the demand for sodium sulphate shifting from salt cake to a higher grade, commonly called detergent grade, Saskatchewan Minerals started on the construction of Ingebrigt in 1966. At the time of construction, it had what was considered the most innovative equipment and techniques for extracting the salts from the water. This technique is known as submerged combustion.


1981 Timeline

In 1981, Saskatchewan Minerals purchased another operation, Sybouts, located near Gladmar, Saskatchewan. The plants at Bishopric and Sybouts were similar to that of Chaplin in that they only produced the salt cake grade material.


As the salt cake market continued to disappear and the detergent market continued to grow, Saskatchewan Minerals made a major investment into its future and installed state-of-the-art, multiple-effect evaporation at the Chaplin operation in 1983.


The state-of-the-art equipment not only allowed for Chaplin to produce high-grade sodium sulphate but to do so in a very efficient manner. The preference for the high-grade material continued and, in 1984, Bishopric and Sybouts were closed permanently.


In 2005, Saskatchewan Minerals changed ownership and began operating as Saskatchewan Minerals Inc.



In 2009, Saskatchewan Mining and Minerals shipped its 10 millionth ton of sodium sulphate out from the Chaplin plant.


2013 Timeline

In 2013, the company’s name was updated to Saskatchewan Mining and Minerals Inc. to better reflect our long-term vision.


2015 timeline

In 2015, the company was awarded Platinum Member, Best Managed Companies (recognizing 7th consecutive year of membership).



In 2018, Saskatchewan Mining and Minerals shipped its 11 millionth ton of sodium sulphate.


In 2021, Saskatchewan Mining and Minerals announced that it will begin construction on a sulphate of potash (SOP) fertilizer production upgrade at its sodium sulphate plant in Chaplin. The upgraded facility is expected to be complete by the end of 2023.


In 2021, the company was awarded Platinum Club Member, Canada’s Best Managed Companies for a 6th consecutive year (13th consecutive year of membership).
In 2022, the company earned the distinction of being awarded Platinum Club Member, Canada’s Best Managed Companies for a 7th consecutive year (14th consecutive year of membership).

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