Open Letter to Customers – Sodium Sulfate Anhydrous from Canada does not injure U.S. Industry, says USITC

Apr 29, 2020

We are pleased and relieved to announce that on April 23, 2020, the United States International Trade Commission (USITC) unanimously voted down a petition seeking the imposition of duties on all Saskatchewan Mining and Minerals Inc. (SMMI) imports of sodium sulphate into the United States and accusing SMMI of, amongst other things, selling to our U.S. customers at a price below our cost of production. These blatantly false allegations were brought against us by a united alliance of Cooper Natural Resources, Inc. (CNR), Searles Valley Minerals (SVM), Elementis Global LLC (EG) and with the support of Giles Chemical Industries (GCI) and Saltex LLC (a partnership between CNR and GCI).

The allegations made by the petitioners put into question our corporate values, morals, ethics and acumen. They challenged our respect for the markets we serve and our respect for you, our customer. They were wrong to team up and attack us in that manner. Their claims were baseless and unsubstantiated and ultimately, by unanimous 5-0 vote, the USITC sent that message back to them.

It is now proven what we have known all along – we are not selling to anyone or into any market below our cost of production. As an ISO 9001:2015 registrant and one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies, we have been focused on R&D, plant and system optimization and capital re-investment in an effort to develop new uses and markets for sodium sulfate, to manage operating costs and to drive efficiency throughout our organization so that we can compete for your business fairly and aggressively, all while maintaining viability and sustainability for our company.

The simple fact is that we listened to you over the years and have invested time and capital into being the supplier and partner that you have asked us to be – a supplier who understands you and who understands your industry. A supplier who is able to stand strong for you and who is prepared to invest in themselves in order to be invested in you and your success. Perhaps, had the petitioners followed our lead many years back, they wouldn’t have put themselves in the position of having to exploit the U.S. system and the current international trade climate to force increased pricing onto you. Instead, they would have already looked at themselves to remedy their lack of foresight and inability to produce at competitive levels.

We own who we are. We have stood the test of time and will always take great pride in every one of our nearly 75 years of service and support to each of you – our most valued customers. We are guided by you and we can’t thank you enough for your support, encouragement and counsel through the years and through this most unnecessarily challenging past year. We will return the favour by continuing to challenge our industry to listen, improve and to be better for you. Your success is our success and we can’t be happier to have the right to continue to support your success today and into the future!

Thank you again for your support throughout this process. Please stay safe, healthy and aware through the unique, challenging period we are all in today. It has never been more apparent that we are one world, together… and we will get through this together. If there is any way that SMMI can be of extra service to your company or communities, please reach either me, at, +1(403) 253-7887, or our General Manager, Brent Avery, at, +1(306) 395-2561.

Best personal regards,
Rodney J. McCann